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We Asked Our Network and They Told Us!

The Champlain Region Family Council Network conducted two quick surveys in 2021.

1. How do LTC Homes in the Network Handle Residents' Finances and Communications Needs?

Back in March 2021 we wanted to know how LTC Homes in the Network handle residents' finances and communication needs. Based on the results of this survey, we felt that our LTC homes are moving in a positive direction in supporting the financial payments and communication needs of residents and their families. There are, as the survey results indicate, opportunities to improve.

Download the Survey Results.

CRFCN Survey 1 Results Summary_March _2021
Download PDF • 1.20MB

2. How are You Sustaining Your Family Councils During the Pandemic?

In early summer 2021 we thought it would be timely to ask our Family Council Chairs to share how they have sustained their Family Councils during these difficult months of pandemic. The results of the survey point to important adaptation to electronic tools and the possibility that video meetings may indeed be a positive and sustaining outcome of pandemic restrictions.

Download the Survey Results:

CRFCN Survey No 2 Results Summary-FINAL_20211109
Download PDF • 477KB


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