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Advocacy Committee

Our Work on Advocacy:
On behalf of the CRFCN and the family councils it represents, the Advocacy Committee works to improve care in long-term care homes in the Champlain Region by:
  1. Creating relationships with the health community and seniors organizations within the Champlain Region and with provincial stakeholder groups who are mandated to advocate for residents of LTC homes;
  2. Identifying weaknesses in the long-term care programs in order to press for change at the municipal, provincial and federal government levels and with any other regulatory bodies involved with long term care homes;
  3. Seeking opportunities on behalf of the CRFCN to discuss any issues affecting long-term care from a family council perspective;
  4. Supporting the District Coordinators who promote quality care best practices within the Champlain Region.

Email us if you need information about the CRFCN's Advocacy Committee

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