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How to Start a Family Council

  1. A Family Member like you simply asks the LTC Administrator for assistance with setting up a Family Council. Do you need a contact name? Email us.

  2. Print this POSTER in colour and post in the Home wherever visiting family members can see it. Add your email or phone number as a local contact. 

  3. Create a short message soliciting help from other family members in setting up a Family Council. Ask the Home's Administrator to include it in their next email or mail-out to residents' families. Remember to include your contact information.

Don't forget that our district coordinator can work with you to set up a family council for your LTC Home.  Subject to travel and gathering restrictions, a Network representative can come to your home to meet with you and discuss such topics as how to develop terms of reference, recruit family members, and work productively and collaboratively with the Home's administration.

For more information please consult Family Councils Ontario (FCO)'s website:

Residents' rights are guaranteed by law:

Please consult the Residents' Bill of Rights prepared by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO).


Each family council can determine their membership within their Terms of Reference.

While it is important for family members of current residents to be actively engaged in family council matters, it can be very valuable to have the experience of family members who no longer have loved ones in care.

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