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Advocacy Activities

LTC Staffing & Resourcing
  • Development and circulation of a petition in support of the Time to Care Act asking for a mandated minimum care standard of 4 hours of care; this activity was conducted jointly with Region 4 Family Council Network.  Click to read about the petition

  • Letter campaigns to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care and MPPs concerning the lack of annual inspections, chronic understaffing in LTC, need for specialized units and more beds, long waiting lists, results of Coroners' Report, Report of Ombudsman on Adults with Development Disabilities

Promoting Person-Centred Care

  • Advocating for person-centred care in all correspondence and meetings with politicians

  • Participation in the Transformation to Person-Centred Care Community of Practice

  • Development of a two-page information sheet on Person-Centred Care for families of residents

Legislative Engagement
  • Meetings with MPPs to discuss priorities for transforming LTC. Read our priorities here.

  • Reviews and follow-up of amendments to the LTC act

  • In-person meetings with local MPPs to discuss long-standing LTC issues

  • Petition in Support of Bill 33. Click to read activity history

  • Letters to all newly elected federal MPs in the region to discuss Liberal election promises related LTC and improved health initiatives for seniors including the need to re-open the Canada Health Care act to include LTC

  • 2016: conservative MPP MacLeod presents CRFCN Long-Term Care Homes Petition asking for 4 hours of care (YouTube video)

Budgetary Matters in LTC
  • Submissions and presentations to the pre-budget consultations of the Ontario Minister of Finance and the Ontario Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

  • Since 2014, submission of a written brief to the pre-budget consultations held by the Minister of Finance and by the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

Pandemic Response
  • Active letter writing campaign to provincial politicians during the pandemic to advocate for the rights of residents and their caregivers.

  • Preparation of a submission to the LTC Commission on COVID-19

Monitoring and Oversight in LTC
  • Review of LTC related reports such as the LTC Commission on COVID-19 Report, 2021 Auditor-General's Report, Patient Ombudsman Report 2021, and others. 
  • On-going monitoring of developments related to LTC in Ontario

  • Prepared submissions to the government on the new LTC Act and accompanying regulations and Ontario’s Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission. 

Peer Activity and Collaboration
  • Outreach and cooperation with other family council networks (Region 4, Northern Ontario and the Family Councils Action Coalition).

  • Participation in local and provincial committees related to LTC (mostly through members of the CRFCN executive)

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