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Take the InCARE survey on experiences, attitudes, and expectations on long-term care!

What is this survey about?

We would like to understand how people view care for older people with support needs and how they assess long-term care systems, more generally. How do people want those close to them or themselves to be looked after, should they need it? What are their experiences with receiving or providing care? And what are their expectations for the future?

What is the purpose of this study?

We aim to collect information on the attitudes, experiences and expectations on long-term care, in order to design better support systems for older people with care needs, for their families and communities. Findings from this study will be used to raise awareness of the challenges faced by older people with care needs and their families, and to advocate for policies that can support them.

Who is carrying out this study?

This study is being undertaken by a group of international academic, public and non-governmental organisations who are part of the InCARE project (Supporting INclusive development of community-based long-term CARE services through multi-stakeholder participatory approaches), co-funded by the European Union. The European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Vienna) coordinates the work of the project members and acts as its international contact point.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and is confidential

Click the following link to take the survey:


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