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Can LTC be Transformed by Local Action?

Did you know that a local collaborative effort amongst a network of LTC homes that has been working together with family and care partner representatives is set to transform resident care to a more person-centred approach?

  • Representatives from the Champlain Family Councils Network (CRFCN) have participated in a Transforming LTC Working Group that - since 2019 - brought together representatives from the CRFCN, Mind the Gap and various LTC homes and supported by the Champlain LHIN, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in LTC (Ontario CLRI), Champlain BSO, Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Network (CHPCP) and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI).

  • A key motivation for creating this Working Group was to leverage the potential of a regional group to motivate and support change in our region. The Working Group explored various models of resident care, shared best practices, knowledge and successes, and coordinated self-assessment of LTC homes’ implementation of person-centred care practices.

  • More recently, the Working Group evolved into a Community of Practice (COP) Network that offers a foundation of person-centred care information, provides advice, identifies opportunities for change and reports on progress of projects and programmes that have person-centred care transformation objectives. Membership of the COP Network is open to all long-term care homes, family groups and allied stakeholder groups with an interest in person-centred care transformation.

Should you wish to learn more about the work and outcomes of the Working Group and the COP and future objectives, please refer to

  • the COP Terms of Reference and Membership

20211122-CoP - Terms of Reference April2021-1
Download PDF • 288KB

an update from the Champlain Dementia Network on the work and plans of the COP;

Download PDF • 91KB


  • a document containing three information sheets (bilingual) that can be used as guidance material on Essential Caregivers, Resident Engagement and Supporting Direct Care and Management Team members.

Download PDF • 4.23MB

For more information or to get involved, please contact Natasha Poushinksy, Project Manager, Champlain Dementia Network


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