About the CRFCN

About the CRFCN

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The CRFCN is a group of volunteers committed to bettering the lives of residents of long-term care (LTC) Homes in the Champlain Region of Ontario. These volunteers are family and friends of LTC residents and are usually members of a family council. The Champlain Region extends from Deep River in the west to Hawkesbury in the east and includes the City of Ottawa (see map).

The Network is guided by an elected Executive Committee.  The Advocacy Committee supports the work of the Executive, putting the case for quality LTC before legislators and the public on behalf of family councils.

The CRFCN works to bring about improvement in the lives of residents and in the quality of care in LTC Homes in the Champlain Region. To this end:

  • We support existing family councils and encourage and assist the development of new ones.

  • We organize meetings, conferences and educational events that enable family councils to exchange ideas and experiences, share areas of concern and solutions, and work constructively with the administrators and staff of their LTC Homes.

  • We advocate vigorously for positive change in long-term care.

  • We partner with other organizations to strengthen the voice of family councils and families and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

  • We have achieved productive relationships with many other organizations in the LTC and dementia fields.

  • We meet regularly with the leadership of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and with local MPPs.

  • We have made strong representations to the Government of Ontario during its annual pre-budget consultations

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